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We sell a range of T-Shirts for men, woman and children with various designs. You can customise the text on each T-Shirt.

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LED Keyrings

No more trying to find key holes or anything in the dark when you have the myWIWE LED Key-ring. Light up key holes and more with your very own LED key-ring.

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Leather Pouch

Standing, genuine leather case with Alcantara lining and puller available in either black or white to protect your WIWE device. These leather pouches are created to fit your new WIWE perfectly to protect it when you carry it with you so you can use it anywhere at anytime. WIWE



A WIWE is a cardio diagnostic device. Diagnostic Device The device provides information on the average heart rate, on the possible deviation from normal ECG and on blood-oxygen saturation (SpO2) rate. It displays arrhythmia, the risk for afib-related stroke and the deviation of the state of the heart muscle from normal.