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The WIWE comes in either black or white. Buy for only A$499.00 with free postage.


Leather Pouch

Protect your new WIWE with a genuinue leather pouch keeping it safe.


LED Keyring

Don't be in the dark trying to find your keys when you have the WIWE LED key-ring



We sell a range of T-Shirts for men, woman and children. You can customize the text.



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About Us

WIWE Australia

WIWE Australia sponsors of the WIWE medical device on the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods.

The WIWE is only available through our business myWIWE. If you buy it from anywhere else you might breach the strict Australian Government requirements that all medical devices must be listed with the ARTG for approval to be supplied in Australia.

WIWE - White



Easy to USE

The WIWE is easy to use. Connects to your smart device using Bluetooth and a free app. No need for cables or patches. Easy to understand instructions on use.


The WIWE is the size of a credit care. Has CE Mark in Medical Devices. Provides 98.69% accuracy and comes with 14-days money-back guarrantee.


The WIWE is affordable. A one-time investment with no evaluation fees. Comes with 2-years warranty. Some Australian health funds allows to you purchase medical devices.


The WIWE is fast. Only takes 60-seconds to record your heart with instant evaluation, no need to wait or queue for hours. Use anywhere anytime for a fast result.

ARTG Listed

The WIWE is listed on the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods (ARTG) allowing us to sell the WIWE in Australia. Click below to view our Certificate.

Why We Care

Buy the WIWE through myWIWE


WIWE Users

The WIWE main target groups of users are:

The WIWE is perfect for those who already have a form of heart disease, which can be detected and monitored by the WIWE, recording episodes or relapses.
The WIWE is perfect for those over 40, including the elderly who live far from any health institutions or can not regularly travel as well as those who live in Aged Care Facilities.
The WIWE is great for those who have high blood pressure, who are overweight or obese, smoke, regular drinkers or exposed to stress In their case, WIWE can be used to monitor the adverse effects of the factors above.
Health conscious people and those, who care about the health of their relatives. In the case of healthy, or perceived healthy people we can make sure of their condition or detect any potential problem If the latter occurs, WIWE’s task is also monitoring. Of course there are people in addition, who want to take care of their vulnerable loved ones and family. In their case, using the built-in sharing function can be helpful.
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WIWE Aged Care
WIWE for Aged Care

WIWE is ideal for Aged Care as it’s easy to use, allows carers to monitor the aged and send

Black WIWE
Black WIWE

You can buy the WIWE in Black. Buy now for only A$499 with Free Postage anywhere in Australia. Buy

White WIWE
White WIWE

You can buy the WIWE in white. Buy now for only A$499.00 with Free Postage anywhere in Australia.9 Buy